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Overall light concepts are important components to convey high quality architecture in cities, landscapes or interior spaces. Furthermore, the quantitative expression of well-being and exciting atmosphere can be created.

The aspiration of qualitative lighting design is to appeal to all the senses at the same time. Special emphasis is placed on the energy efficiency and sustainability of the lighting solutions.

Thanks to the merger in the beginning of 2017 with Light Design Engineering (LDE) Ltd Liechtenstein we now have a 5-member lighting design team with many years’ experience.

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Customers will remember innovative, unique and unmistakable atmospheres for a long time. With distinctive lighting, whether striking with decorative lights or discreetly with recessed, invisible systems, we create such mood pictures. Depending on the needs and situation, we create magnificent solutions with a lot of dynamism or simple, subtle lighting scenes.

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People in need of care are dependent on optimal lighting conditions, because light is a decisive factor for safety and well-being. Adapted lighting makes everyday life easier for elderly people, whose visual performance may be limited, as well as for people in the process of recovery. In our holistic lighting concepts, we take the influences of daylight, shadows and reflections into account and rely on the latest research results and innovative lighting technology.

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The lighting conditions in the workplace form the basis for efficient, precise and creative work. Lighting solutions adapted to the task are important both in the office and in a workshop or industrial hall. With long stays in the rooms and depending on the operating time of the systems, energy-efficient and high-quality lighting is particularly worthwhile. The latest findings in biochronology flow into the planning under the term “Human Centric Lighting” and contribute to a good working atmosphere in connection with the daylight adjustment.

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In the living area, the variety of lighting solutions is almost unlimited. We support architectural offices and building owners in the planning and implementation of individual lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition to the design of the lighting mood and the choice of the aesthetic luminaire, we also support the integration of various variants for control concepts up to the smart home.

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Our outdoor planning experience ranges from facade lighting and designing squares to lighting bridges and light for cemeteries. We are happy to support municipalities and cities in the development of structure plans for holistic lighting concepts. Our services cover all planning phases and include advice and calculations as well as on-site sampling or the construction of special lights.

Environmentally relevant aspects such as energy efficiency and light pollution also flow into the development of your solution in addition to the design aspects.

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Cultural buildings are meeting places for people. Aesthetically and functionally placed in the right light, they become successful rooms with the best conditions for successful events, exhibitions, theater and concerts. Cultural buildings, museums and exhibitions are a special discipline of our team. Numerous awards for exhibitions or currently the Montforthaus Cultural Center in Feldkirch, which was awarded the German Light Design Award 2017, testify to our competence in dealing with static and scenic light.

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We spend a significant part of our lives in daycare centers, kindergartens, school buildings and annex buildings such as libraries, gymnasiums and swimming pools. The use of outside space and the use of daylight are therefore of particular importance. The learning performance can be significantly shaped and improved by a corresponding facade design, the choice of glazing and the targeted and dynamic lighting, which take into account the latest findings of “Human Centric Lighting”.

With our extensive experience in planning educational institutions, we can bring the needs of children, teachers and school management under one roof and create an energy-efficient and inexpensive system.

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Historical buildings have their individual spatial impression, their own history and a distinctive character. Most of the time, a characteristic lighting mood shapes the room and ambience. Regardless of whether these lighting moods are to be preserved or modified, our lighting concepts fit harmoniously into the building stock. One of our strengths is the planning and development of energy-efficient special luminaires that stand in the tradition of historical luminaires in their contemporary design.

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A special discipline is the planning of stage technology systems for multifunctional venues, congress and conference centers with changing uses of concert, drama and music theater. Through the interface-free planning between stage technology, stage lighting and architectural lighting, we contribute to an efficient, cost-saving planning process and develop sustainable technical and functional stage technology systems.

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Sustainable buildings are, throughout their life cycle, of great benifit for many people, provide a healthy and comfortable environment, minimize the negative impact on the environment and are more cost-effective in the long term.

Intelligently planned buildings can make a major contribution to sustainable development if the course is set correctly in the planning process. We complement and strengthen your competence so that long term sustainable decisions can be reached.

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Building physics optimizations help to lower energy requirements, prevent building damage and increase user comfort. Well insulated and airtight buildings have low heat requirements. The analysis of moisture risk and protection measures ensures a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Sound insulation measures against internal and external noise as well as room acoustic measures maximises user comfort and acceptance. We draw up energy surveys and calculations as well as noise and sound control certificates. Together with the architects, we optimize the construction details for a damage free, low thermal bridging building.

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Building ecology is geared towards low-resource and pollutant-free construction. The use of building ecological valuable materials helps to protect the environment and creates a healthy surrounding for the users.

With the gradual reduction of the energy requirement for the operation of buildings, the importance of grey energy increases. The compilation of a life cycle assessment provides insight on primary energy and greenhouse gas emissions that are emitted during construction, restoration and dismantling of buildings.

Valuable resources are stored in buildings. Easy to separate constructions and material layers support the recyclability of building materials and help to close the material cycle.

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In integral energy concepts for buildings and sites, we bring energy requirements and alternative supplies together. In doing so, economic and ecological aspects are taken into account and possibilities for the use of synergies within the perimeter under consideration are analyzed.
At the building level, the coordination of the building shape, building envelope and building technology forms the basis for high energy efficiency and economic operation over the entire life cycle. Through the harmonious combination of materials, components and technical systems, the conditions for a low energy requirement – and thus also low energy costs – are already set in an early planning phase.

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A large part of a country’s total energy is consumed by industrial, commercial, industry and service companies. Equally big is the potential savings. This ranges from simple organizational measures to optimized energy recovery in production processes.

Through a systematic assessment of all energy consumers and energy sources and their interaction, we will show where there is a need for action in your company and what measures can be implemented economically. Our proposed measures form the basis for a continuous increase in energy efficiency and a reduction in operating costs while at the same time reducing COemissions.

Our certified consultants, in the SME or the energy model of the Energy Agency for Industry (EnAW), will support you in, the development and monitoring of agreed targets, the exemption from the CO₂ tax or the network surcharge and the identification of subsidies.