MosArtek: story

My journey began in 2000 when I met my first mosaic teacher. It happened almost by chance, although later I realised it was actually anything but chance (which I’m writing about in my next book), recently returned as I was from the world of business administration, IT and graphics. The journey continues.

Between a failure and moment of euphoria, the discomfiture of a structural collapse and the delight of a sequence of well-assorted mosaic tiles, in 2005 I opened my studio in the heart of the centre of Orvieto, called Musiv’Arte.

I stayed there for two years, during which time I honed my technique with the help of the experts whose help I travelled the length and breadth of Europe to seek out. Then there came another moment of relaunch, another level to progress to: I arrived in Zurich, Switzerland in 2007 with all my luggage and reopened the studio in a beautiful farmhouse built 200 years previously and recently restored.

The journey with Musiv’Arte going forwards has always been increasingly fascinating – new experts, fresh techniques, excellent materials and wonderful people. For the ten-year anniversary of Musiv’Arte in 2015 I celebrated with clients, family and friends.

After another two years it was time to bring things up to date once more with a new name, «MosArtek», and I headed off into new adventures with new travel companions and fresh horizons. The technical word is «rebranding», but I like to think of it as a smart new suit to replace a well-seasoned Italian jacket.

Silvia Jencinella

I was born in Italy, in Genoa in 1967. I am an artist and an entrepreneur and in 2007 I moved my atelier from the medieval town of Orvieto, Italy, to the canton Zurich in Central Switzerland.

The love for art and beauty, that I inherited from my forefathers, made stronger from living 40 years in Italy, drives me constantly, incessantly in search of harmony in colours and shapes.

I have been happily married for 30 years to Stefano, my business partner, also an entrepreneur; we are the proud parents of four splendid children.