Skillfull and Lifechanging Design - Skillfull and Lifechanging Design - Skillfull and Lifechanging Design - Skillfull and Lifechanging Design

We are a revolutionary and creative company with a Powerful Vision of the future, linked to an extreme capacity to create and develop successful businesses that elevate new innovative design worldwide.

Our products are unique and a design reference in the contract world for every interior designer, architect, contractor, and design lover.

1.3.1 design products

We develop and promote our brand through services, products, materials and art, guided by our passion for Design, Art and Innovation.

DESIGN products

We transform Design into furniture and pieces of art. We like to inspire our customers with our products. With the lifestyle we envision, we invite our clients to live an experience, a story.

Our products are a design reference in the contract world for every interior designer, contractor and design lover, apt for even the most exclusive and creative spaces.


Explore our beautiful, well-crafted collection of sofas defined by their creative yet sleek identity.
From colourful, creative and luxurious materials, to sofas apt for any living space.

Dininig Tables

The dining area is like a heart for a home. It creates space for family gatherings and enjoyable evenings with friends.

Chairs & Armchairs

Robust, large, curvy, sleek, slender, upholstered, padded… no other type of furniture can embody such characteristics as chairs do. Whether you want to complete your dining area with a set of chairs, enrich your home office with an ergonomic office chair or a statement piece that prevails in any room.

Side & Coffee Tables

A coffee table is a small and sometimes even unnoticeable piece, that can transform your living area a coffee table is an often underrated but necessary addition to any family room arrangement.


Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who owns the most beautiful place? You, obviously. At least it should be so. You should feel nice and comfortable in your home. The right mirror, matched to the room, can totally change the look of the interior. Small rooms will be visually enlarged and will seem to be more spacious.

INNOVATION products & materials

We propose innovative products and materials to improve the quality of life and health within spaces for private and contract environments.

Due to the uprise of chronic disease and new viruses, it has become even more important to prioritise the upkeeping and betterment of the well-being of individuals to lead a better quality of life.

Our products are the perfect tools to help improve people’s lives in hospitals, hotels, sports associations, schools and as well as in private indoor spaces. We are always at the forefront of researching new tools that give each individual the opportunity to improve their health and create a better world.


Interior architect, design and contract services:

The uniqueness of Karlacontract bases itself on an unmistakable mix of creativity, innovation and design ability. The ability and talent of anticipating trends, thus responding to the evolution of tastes and housing needs translating into a collection of contemporary design and furniture of exceptional quality: 

“Skilful & Life-Changing Design”.

Our products represent innovation, design and quality. Discover the distinctive style of Karlacontract furnishings.