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We develop and promote our brands, services and powerful products guided by our passion for design and craftsmanship. Our products are a design reference in the contract world for every interior designer, contractor, design lover and media.

We are thinkers and producers. We transform Design into furniture and pieces of art.

We like to inspire our customers with our products from our different brands. With our presented lifestyle the client is invited to live an experience, a story



A sofa is that piece of home furniture that your home simply cannot be without. Whether it is a simple minimalist couch or spacious lavish one of a kind couches, it is always the thing that naturally becomes the focal point in whichever space you decide to place it in. The right sofa can be a lot of things – your favourite spot to relax, a place to chill, watch TV on your own, snuggle up with your loved one, spend hours talking with friends or family or even taking a nap in the afternoon. Because of its size, a sofa can easily become the biggest decor in your living room, thus it may serve the role of an accent piece, and a piece to be admired and appreciated for the rest of your life.

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The chair does not necessarily have to complete the style of the sofa it accompanies, neither be a part of any set. You can mix styles and play with different home décor ideas. If your living
room showcases a baroque style or maybe a minimalist design, why not take a risk and go for an armchair in a style that opposes its style as a statement piece, or a piece to tone down an already
vibrant interior.

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Whether your interior is contemporary or modern, there’s a durable dining table finish or material that fits your dining area perfectly. Our unique and out-of-the-ordinary tables embellish any type of interior, demonstrating its versatility and ability to intertwine with any type of interior or style. KarlaContract offers a wide variety of daring and luxurious dining tables that are unique art pieces that transcend through time and will last you a lifetime. Functional and stylish they can also be used for dining, working at the computer, doing homework.

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Available in various sizes, shapes and colours, not only are coffee tables functional places to serve snacks and beverages, but also they are decorative additions. With a matching sofa it draws attention and creates a nice space for you and your family to rest. Some of our coffee tables are modular and others can be completely produced to match your specific demands.

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Console tables are characterised by versatility, but their most crucial role is to fill the room and provide extra storage space. A console table with drawers makes it possible for you to keep documents and any small items out of sight. A console with shelves creates additional space for keeping your belongings, but also decorations or books. There are several places to locate a console table in your common room: behind a sofa placed in the centre of the room, between other pieces of furniture or simply by the wall. Use a console to display your travel souvenirs, photos, storage boxes or cut flowers. In the bedroom it is a perfect idea to place a console table in the bedroom to build a corner for doing your hair and make-up. In an entrance or hallway it’s also perfect for placing keys or everyday necessities to remember to take them before heading out and a hassle free spot to leave them at the end of the day. Our consoles and sideboards come in various different shapes and sizes, made to fit any type of interior, yet selected to always be beautiful.

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Whether it’s for after work hours or happy hour, our bar stool is the perfect companion for a relaxing moment.

Quick breakfast 5 minutes before you leave for work? Have your meal on a bar stool, no need to
lay the table.

Having a big get together and don’t have enough room on the couch, a unique stool or seat that doubles as an aesthetic addition is perfect.
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A mirror placed in front of a window will brighten up your interior, adding a pleasant atmosphere and bringing reflected daylight to your living space to brighten up your days. If you want to give the interior height, you should hang it vertically, while horizontally situated it will enlarge and add depth. With our wide array of products fit for different types of interior and exterior you’ll be able to find the perfect mirror to match your already cozy and beautiful too. Complete the look and highlight your cabinet, chest of drawers or console table by hanging a mirror above it.
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Overall light concepts are important components to convey high quality architecture in cities, landscapes or interior spaces. Furthermore, the quantitative expression of well-being and exciting atmosphere can be created. Different types of lighting entice different moods and feelings, each one better for a specific type of space. Be it stronger cold lighting inciting productivity and awareness as well as cleanliness in an office, or warmer indirect lighting to feel relaxed and at ease in a living room or bedroom.

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Perfect home decor is not only stylish furniture. It is all about paying attention to details, to match well your interior style and its decorations giving your interior an individual and unique character.

Wall decorations are one of the easiest ways to refresh the look of your living room, bedroom or hallway, no matter how big it is, as well as the perfect addition to finish a space, and have it match the already existing furniture, or as an acting centre piece that helps elevate a monotonous space.

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Whether you are enjoying the company of family and friends, or finding a quiet moment to yourself, your outdoor space, no matter the size, can be the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the outdoors all year round. KarlaContract’s array of diverse, creative and nomadic outdoor furniture and accessories will help you to transform your outdoor space into a great place to be no matter what the season, weather or occasion. Our aim is to provide a fantastic range of products that bridge the gap perfectly between indoor and outdoor living spaces, making your home a great place to be all year round.

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