“REGENERATION” We propose Innovative products and materials to improve healthy life in spaces for private and Contract Interior Spaces.

In these difficult times we’re living in around the globe, reflected in the imbalance in ourenvironment, the increase of chronic diseases as well as new viruses. Remembering to place “human beings at the centre of spaces” to help to improve the life and health of individuals is very important.

It is imperative to make our social contribution by investing in tools that improve people’s lives, be
it in hospitals, hotels, sports associations, schools and interior spaces. We are always at the forefront of researching new tools that give each individual the opportunity to improve their health, to create a better world.


ACTIVE PURE technology, can sanitise and purify any environment, eliminating bacteria, viruses, dust and fungi in the air and on surfaces, without the use of ozone.


We propose products that aim to provide a direct healthier life and lifestyle. Such as offering ways of revitalizing and restructuring water as it is the source of life, and an essential element for maintaining and restoring ones’ health.

Light - Decoration Objects

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We offer music, sounds and frequencies to improve the quality of life by allowing people to reach relaxation states that will reduce stress, providing a better quality of sleep, better concentration, and better emotional management.


Products aiming to reduce the harmful effects electromagnetic fields can have on health, well-being and ones’ environment.