Karla Life

Karlacontract was born from my life and work journey. It has matured experiences in the processes of developing architectural and design projects at an international level.

My love for researching new technologies and ancient knowledge, my diversity, my flexibility, and my ability to live and work in multicultural environments have defined my company’s personality and mine as an entrepreneur.

The foundations of my professional development are revolutionary to an approach to interior design by proposing innovative and design services and products.

Our brand appeals to a cosmopolitan generation with a taste in it, eager for discovery.

Enticed by her love and appreciation and years of experience across the globe within the world of interior architecture and design, Karla Chacon created KarlaContract: a hub for those who wish to discover and push forth a new era of design. Intermixing different cultures, innovative ideas, luxury and transcendent beauty in a carefully curated selection of products as well as within the multiple services offered for the contract world.

The products and services offered by Karla Contract are here to tell a story. A story of passion, adventure, luxury, multiculturalism and innovation. They’re here to tell Karla’s story.

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A journey encompassed and defined by the discovery of oneself by experiencing multiple cultures and countries. Showing the growth and artistic-professional discovery of a woman originating from Mexico City, creating and making her way around the world to then create and cement her lifelong journey between the Swiss lakesides and mountains.