We develop and promote our brands, services and outstanding products guided by our passion for design and innovation. Our products are a design reference in the contract world for every interior designer, contractor, design lover as well as all kinds of creatives.
We are thinkers and producers. We aim to transform our design aesthetic into furniture or pieces of art. We strive to inspire our customers with our products thanks to the unique stories and feelings our different brands and products express.


EPOCA services seeks with its innovative and productive resources to improve and refine its know-how by applying leading edge technology to our own aesthetic and functionality as well as to our client’s ideas and market demands.

EPOCA’s experience allows us to produce custom-built furniture, introduce personalised features
to the products that can be mass-produced and converted into a single piece.

Our professionals follow all the contract and achievement steps, from project analysis to the
conception of the products.

Project plan — Engineering — Production — Quality control — Logistics — Assembly and
Installation — Personal assistance

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Karpa&Gansk Collections rely mostly on a composite of resin and fibreglass to make its pieces, however, the combination of this composite with other materials such as exotic wood veneers, luxurious marbles, polished metal etc allows the pieces to overcome the ordinary look, and become truly authentic modern era masterpieces.

Working with resin reinforced with fibreglass as main ingredients, allows pieces to be very versatile in finish, dimensions or shape. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are able to fulfil any of our clients’ wishes and requests. By personalisingeach and every piece to the clients’ liking, we’re able to turn any dream or desire into reality.

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skilful & life-changing design

A new approach to Interior Design, reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being.

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I am pleased to collaborate with Laurent Gachoud who is now striving to share his knowledge and know-how of bioenergetic geobiology by helping people to have a better quality of life in their living or working spaces.

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Whilst working in Vietnam and other Asian countries, socio-cultural premises and traditions led me to having to learn Feng Shui, so to be able to partake in architectural and interior design projects. I was instructed by Master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong and Dr. Jes Tyng-Yee Lim from Malaysia, descendant of a Chinese family of specialists in Feng Shui for many generations.
Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, is a secular knowledge held by the Chinese people about how the environment affects the well-being of human beings.

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With our philosophy in mind, it is only natural that we offer our customers one of the next steps in that philosophy by incorporating and adding Artwork and art curating services to our lineup.

At KarlaContact we carefully select and open a window, shining light upon various artists we have come to know around the world, proposing artworks and stories that combine and suit our life ethic and philosophy. We aim to embellish and refine your living and working spaces by offering noteworthy artworks and centrepieces for all types of environments.

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