Bionergetic Geobiology


Integrative geobiology has emerged from research conducted over the past four years with Stéphane Cardinaux and Catherine Anae Martin. They have redefined the art of geobiology to give it back its letters of nobility and to distance itself from the traditional geobiology currents that are sometimes too outward-looking.

The adjective was borrowed from the world of psychology. Integration comes from the Latin integer, which means whole, pure. The verbintegrare, on the other hand, designates the process of making complete, whole.

In psychology, it’s “a unifying practice that responds appropriately and effectively to the person on the levels of emotional, behavioural, cognitive and physiological functioning and also addresses the spiritual dimension of life.”

And in integrative geobiology, the reading support of the person’s psyche is constituted by his or her living space.

The first goal is to allow an awareness and an overcoming of a problematic, so that the consultant can appropriate the process of transformation, and consequently, integrate it into his life.


To regain access to one's potential

In the Integrative Geobiology approach, it is no longer the practitioner who does the work and chases away the troubled soul or the anger charge. Instead, the practitioner encourages consultants to take action, both physically and emotionally. He guides them, towards an inner path, through the symbolism that the house constitutes for them. It gives meaning to the experience and allows the occupants to access their creativity and develop their full potential.

It does not make them dependent on it, but on the contrary, gives them the keys to their own autonomy. The real magic is not the impressive power of the geobiologist. The “magic” is the transformation and transmutation that leads the occupants to grow in consciousness. The practitioner can sometimes bring his magical help, when it turns out that the person momentarily needs a helping hand, but he is aware that whatever he does, it is always the person’s self-healing part that does the work and never himself. He is only an intermediary, a conduit of information, a mentor who helps, during a meeting, the consultant to approach little by little the other side.



  1. Visit, discussion & intentions
  2. Measurements and readings
    • General balance
    • Electricity (50Hz current)
    • Electromagnetism (Wifi – DECT – mobiles)
    • Tellurism (networks – faults – water)
    • Relational (loads – links)
    • Memory (memory of walls – souls – entities)
  3. Sensitive areas
    • Bed and children’s rooms
    • Bedrooms
    • Sofa and rest areas
    • Offices
  4. Rebalancing
  5. Debriefing, synthesis & advice
  1. Take into account the project as a whole
  2. Complete expertise of the land or the existing building
  3. Work on plans with the architect
  4. Determine and clarify the needs
  5. Advice to avoid electro-smog
  6. Tips for eco-compatible materials
  • Visit, discussion & intentions
  • Measurements and readings (pro Gigahertz Solutions devices)
  • Electricity (50Hz current – magnetic and electric fields)
  • Electromagnetism (Wifi, DECT, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G, etc., frequencies from 27 Mhz to 6 Ghz)
  • Report
  • On-site improvements
  • Advice & guidance
    • adapted materials
    • renovations
    • new constructions