Interior Design

A new approach to Interior Design, reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being.- A new approach to Interior Design, reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being.

A new approach to Interior Design, reconnection between people, their environment and the universe for their well-being.

“skilful & life-changing design”.

“Karlacontract” focuses its projects and brand on Interior Design, innovation and the combination of rational and holistic techniques to improve health, harmony with the environment and access to well-being.

The environment in which we work or live plays a decisive role in the efficiency and performance of people. Depending on the case, it can support our mind, our body and our creativity, or otherwise block and weaken it.

Propose a new approach to design with Two faces.


Human Beings at the centre of space: The Interior KarlaDesign approach uses a variety of Western and Eastern holistic and rational techniques for project design. We start by analyzing the land where the project is built using geobiology and Tao to provide a telluric and cosmological energy balance. With Feng-Shui we then analyze and study the people who will live or work in a certain space. This study is taken into account for the realization of the Interior Design whilst also keeping in mind the various types of materials, colors and shapes that are best suited . To make human beings resonate with the subtle energies of nature and the Universe.


Transforming space”: According to the applied principles of geobiology, quantum physics, the proposition and sale of third-party products, innovative materials according to the approach “skilful & life-changing design”. These products contribute to the transformation of space, bringing an increase in the energy level of space and people to bring an implementation of health and a balance between the environment and our living space. More specifically: The balance of the five senses and five elements.

Lighting made with crystals not only provides beautiful objects of illumination, but also helps increase the energetic level or QQchi as called in Chinese metaphysics. The use of coloured lights to induce physiological adjustments as to maintaining or restoring health. Individuals sharing identical chromatic preferences share similar behavioral, physiological, anatomical or psychological characteristics.

Type of furniture will be chosen according to their shapes, materials and colors chosen according to a context and the nature of people who will live in this space.

Conforting and feeling better

Products to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields on health, well-being and the environment.

  1. Grand spinor : Une protection personnelle efficace contre de multiples nuisances et ondes
  2. Petit spinor: cell phone wave protection. Effective protection against harmful effects from devices that you wear or hold in your hand.
  3. Vernada auto: Effective protection system against electromagnetic pollution for the car.
  4. Vernada geo: Effective protection system for your home against electromagnetic and telluric pollution.
  1. ACTIVE PURE technology: Purification and sanification





These are products that help to improve the quality of the air and with the use of natural essential oils sanitizes the atmosphere of people. Essential oils have many properties and are active concentrates that heal the body, the heart and the spirit.

For centuries, music and sounds have been used for the transformation and healing of human beings such as Gregorian chants in cathedrals or shaman songs in America. We now know that music plays a vital role in our brains.

By examining the changes in brain states and behavior induced by sound, language, and music, we can better understand these phenomena.

We offer music, sounds and frequencies to improve the quality of life by allowing people to reach relaxation states that will reduce stress providing a better quality of sleep, better concentration and better emotional management.

Sounds and frequencies act on people just as much as they act on spaces by balancing the telluric and cosmological influences to the correct beneficial energetic level helping us live in harmony with our environment.

We propose products that aim to provide a direct healthier life and lifestyle. Such as offering ways of revitalizing and restructuring water as it is the source of life, and an essential element for maintaining and restoring ones health.

3.”WELLNESS” Products – cultures in the center of space”

Offer a Life Experience that will lead you to a state of well-being. The point that unites all the products are the colours. All these products are related to a trip, the design is made in Switzerland, with the inspiration taken from my life course, my life in different cultures .

Products help to open small windows to other worlds, through my passion for discovery and communication with people from different countries and cultures.

Creation of our products in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Mexico will be done by bringing a sustainable approach to artisans.

This products can also be made by local designers with our interior design services and also giving them the opportunity to sell their own products in Switzerland.